Chinese civilization

Universal health care is a health care system which provides basic health care services to everyone in a geographical region, such as a particular state or country. No one is denied care because of financial hardship, pre-existing health conditions, lifestyle choices, or any other factors. Universal hearth care is provided by the government of the country in which the system is used. Since the govemment pays for the care, taxes fund this system. In some cases, this leads to higher taxes for the citizens.
How would Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism, and Buddhism respond to the issue of universal health care, especially the government’s role in it? For example, should the govemment be so much involved in the health care system? Is it appropriate for the govemment to provide health insurance using tax dollars to poorer, uninsured patients who otherwise cannot afford it? Please use specific quotes and examples from our reading assignments (esp. primary sources) to support your arguments whenever possible.



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