Climate Change and Diet

After scrolling and clicking through the New York Times page “Your Questions About Food and Climate Change, Answered,” (Links to an external site which is on the bottom of the page.) share your thoughts on the connection between diet and climate change. Make at least three references to specific topics covered in the article.

Did any of this information surprise you? Do you think there is sufficient awareness of the links between different foods and climate change? In particular, do you believe that the environmental impact of meat is underrepresented in climate change discussions–perhaps that it is overshadowed by other things like transportation and energy emissions? Does the information provided in this page encourage you to change your diet in any way? Between changing the way we get around (burning fossil fuels) and the way we eat (particularly beef) to mitigate climate change, which do you think is most difficult? Why?

What steps should be taken to eating more sustainable diets? Update food packing to include environmental impact? A meat tax? Eating less meat? Going vegetarian/vegan? Something else? Think about the most feasible solutions and the most impactful ones and try to find a middle ground.

Sample Solution