Codes and gender

  1. Watch the video “Codes of Gender,” which will serve as your “literature review.” Your research question – Is Goffman’s research still an accurate representation of gender related media images and/or of people’s behavior? 2. Summarize Goffman’s ideas re: sex vs. gender (1 mark); gender as social construct vs “natural” sexuality (1 mark); male-masculine vs. female-feminine media portrayals (2 mark); and the impact of media images on social behavior – address commercial realism, perfection and social/sexual identity, normative gender codes, reading gender codes & the confusion surrounding androgyny, gender based violence, and the need for female athletes to confirm their “femininity” (6 marks). 3. Using Systematic Observation, observe and reflect on the people and advertisements around you as you go about your day. Make a list of at least 10 of your observations – this is your data collection, so use specific examples and state your sources. Please note that, as this is not an essay assignment, APA formatting is not required, however you must still state where you found your images/examples. 4. Analyze your data, noting the presence or absence of the gender related behaviors. Which behaviors and/or portrayals of people and gender/sexuality support Erving Goffman’s analysis? Which do not? 5. Bracket your research by taking note of your own thoughts, attitudes and behaviors (i.e. how you “do gender” as you go through this research process (self-reflection). 6. After analyzing the data, write a summary of your research with your own conclusions. Be sure to answer the research question in your conclusion.



Sample Solution