Colin powells 2003 presentation

Cohn Powell’s Presentation to the UN Security Council On Iraq’s WMD Program Options Menu: Forum In 2003 General Cohn Powell (then Secretary of State) “made the case” to the United Nations regarding Iraq’s WMD program, a case that would move the U.S. to invade Iraq. Many years later General Powell (then retired), identified what he believe to be flaws in the “Bush Administration’s” decisions regarding the Iraq war. Some called him a liar for what he said in 2003, others criticizing him as he was a part of the Bush Administration and once it appeared the invasion was based on faulty intelligence, he tumed on President Bush. Watch the video below and research the history of the intelligence. This is NOT to be a political debate, but one of identifying the pitfalls of faulty intelligence and its consquences. Speak about what Intelligence Analysts must do to ensure they are providing the best and most objective briefings, devoid of satisficing and bias. Also speak about the competencies necessary to effectively be an Intelligence Analyst. You will have two weeks to handle this question/issue/discussion. VIDEO http://web.archive.orghveb/20050204130309/http://www.state.govisecretarytformertpowelVremarks/2003/17300.htm (Full Text) http://web.archive.orghveb/20050203122251/

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