Communication in the health sector

Provide the grant proposal (RFP) project goal(s) and SMART objectives following the guidelines in the lecture
notes. Discuss the different types of objectives to be accomplished in the proposed project.
Below i have provided some information that has been done
Grant Proposal: The integration of service and communication in the Health sector.
The medical community is a sector that quickly embraces significant data advancement, but implementation
tends to be rough. Non-associated databases combine patient information from various sources by providing
actionable metrics (Berg, 2014). The aim of the paper is to discuss on problem of integration of service and
communication in the health sector and propose a recommendation.
During the old times, healthcare providers relied on relational records to access and store patient information.
Nevertheless, the relational databases failed because they could not manage unstructured data, including
transcripts and clinical notes, effectively. Only a small number of healthcare practitioners had the technical
knowledge on data transcription from personal to non-relational databases using traditional electronic medical
records. The majority of the organizations effectively implementing the non-relational medical records are large
and have vast financial resources. The benefit of the non-relational databases is that they can fully exploit the
received patient information regardless of their format. The technology assists healthcare providers in
identifying traits that were lost after they were recorded or until they have been reviewed individually. This
makes the process expensive, and therefore only the well-up institutions can afford the technology.
Concerning this, the process of encouraging patients to share their medical information is becoming critical,
with some patients becoming reluctant to share their information with caregivers, including the drug
manufacturers. This is making even the health facilities that have implemented the non-relational databases
continue to worry if they will be able to secure their patient’s information as promised. Due to the absence of
adequate information from the clients, the health sector is wasting valuable resources on research and
development, which is passed on to consumers as tax and increase in healthcare costs burdens (Kinder, &
Burgoyne, 2013).
Therefore, my grant proposal for the problem is for health sector to come up with strategies to educate patients
on the necessity of information sharing with them by establishing more personalized and customizable
information sharing plans.
Berg, M. (2014). Health information management: integrating information technology in health care work.
Psychology Press.
Kinder, T., & Burgoyne, T. (2013). Information processing and the challenges facing lean healthcare. Financial
Accountability & Management, 29(3), 271-290.
1.The theory of Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) that originate from communication to illustrate the way the idea or
product gain momentum and spread to other people easily. The integration of service and communication in
the health sector brings together different parts of health and social care to provide a relevant way of sharing
information and avoid some of the communication confusion that arises in the facility (Elrod & Fortenberry,
2020). The integration of services and communication in the health sectors is beneficial because the services 
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are made accessible easily and create a good understanding and use of information leading to overall good
patient health. The theory of Diffusion of Innovation is important in this project because it suggests how the
idea will spread to more people and be adapted by many.

  1. The theory that I will use is Diffusion of Innovation. It was developed by E.M. Rogers and it was used to
    study that the adaption of new ideas, products, or behavior does not happen at once but requires process and
    plan. This theory indicates that the adaption of new ideas, products, or behavior does not happen at once but
    requires process and plan. As applied to my study, this theory holds that I would expect my independent
    variable will help in holding to the variable of health care to influence or explain the dependent variable the use
    of integration of service and communication (Kaminski, 2011) because the theory will help my project
    implementation because it gives guidance on the benefit of integrating service and communication in health

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