Community Health Strategy

The following critical elements must be included:
III. Community Health Strategy: Formulate the problem list from the community assessment that you have performed.
a) What are the top three problems that the community faces regarding health status? Provide data to support your answer.
b) Identify one problem from the list to develop. Be sure to identify the population at risk and the specific health disparity to be addressed.
c) Develop a plan that includes at least three interventions that are culturally appropriate based on the role of the nurse and the principles of
clinical health nursing. What steps would be taken to ensure that they are culturally appropriate? Be sure to base your interventions on existing
evidence and document this evidence within your health plan.
d) Which intervention category (primary, secondary, or tertiary) do these intervention strategies fall into? Support your justification with evidence
or research.
e) Which teaching and learning strategies will you utilize? How will you meet the needs of a variety of different learners? Consider age and cultural
f) Who are the key stakeholders that should be included in the planning and implementation of the strategy? Why?
g) What strategies will you integrate to ensure buy-in and participation from the community?
h) How is your community health strategy aligned with local, regional, national, or global healthcare policies or programs? For example, if nutrition
is the prominent issue, you might discuss how the plan aligns with UNICEF’s hunger initiative or Healthy People 2020.

Sample Solution