Comparing and contrasting two methodologies

We are continuing to build on the project we started last week. For a refresher of the company and the current computing environment, please refer to last week’s Course Project narrative for the scenario. This week we will be taking next steps in the planning of the project with an in-depth examination of project methodologies best suited for the upcoming project. Our leadership is extremely busy and wants an executive summary of the decision we arrive at, along with a visual representation of the model we choose, along with a more detailed explanation to defend our rationale. Our leadership drives business results and expects the same from everyone in the company, but is also friendly and supportive to everyone.
Scenario: is getting ready to develop and implement the latest reservation software that will be integrated into the phone system for and uses a technology called Interactive Voice Routing (IVR) to listen to caller responses and route the call to the appropriate queue for a group of reservationists. Calls can be routed to individual travelers, business travelers and group travel. This system is based on the current system, but a wide range of additional features and functionality will be added. This will be developed in-house by the software developers already on hand and there is a good management opinion that they have the requisite skills, although the developers themselves have some doubts.
As a business and systems analyst, you are tasked with determining the best software development methodology for the upcoming information technology project. Keep in mind that although this is primarily a software development project, there is a hardware component that the software will run on. There are some heated arguments going back and forth because management just wanted to install the software and deal with any cleanup after the fact. The call center manager is very blunt and direct. He is afraid of business disruption if things go wrong and is insisting on additional costly equipment that mirrors the current hardware for testing purposes. There are risks and costs associated with both sides of the argument. You do not know how that argument will end, but you are seeking the best methodology regardless of the outcome, minimizing the risks and still work within satisfying the business requirements while trying to appease both leadership camps.
Write a two-page report on your proposed methodology approach to be presented to management.
a. On the first page, provide a substantial paragraph that is an executive summary of your research conducted on the second page.
b. Provide a diagram of the methodology you choose, using shapes in MS Word, or a basic graphics program, copy or insert your diagram into the first page. You may use a graphic that was sourced on the internet, but you must cite it properly as a caption and in your references section. This reference will be in addition to the references stated below.
c. On the second page, in your own words, in the next paragraph describe two different software development methodologies that could be the best choice for this scenario.
d. Compare and contrast two methodologies and cite reasons as to why one would be a better choice over the other including the risks of both methods.
e. Using at least 3 credible sources, research how other companies would approach this problem and report on how they chose the methodology you selected. This should be limited to 3 paragraphs.

Sample Solution