Comparison between U.S and Italy

Using the information that you collected, summarize your findings and comparisons to the US
. A general outline
is suggested.
I. Chapter 2: How has family structure in your Italy changed compared to the US?

II. Chapter 6: What sex education to the citizens of Italy receive and how does it compare the the US?

III. Chapter 8: What are the predominant marriage practices and customs in italy and how does this
compare to the US?
All facts, findings, and information used must be cited using APA format, including a reference page.
For information on APA, you can use The Owl Purdue’s various APA resources

The Owl Purdue Main APA Website (opens in new window).

The Owl Purdue “How To Do In

Text Author Citations” (opens
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The Owl Purdue “How To Cite Books” (opens in new window).

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