Comparison of Disney movies

Topic Select TWO Disney movies to Compare. How do they present people? Have the
new productions improved representations of various people and places? Create 5
shorter Paragraphs, where you compare say, the old Aladdin with the new Aladdin;
Cinderella with Mulan; etc. You may choose to compare 2 scenes in one movie to 2
scenes in another movie. That would be 4 paragraphs, and your 5th paragraph could be
your Conclusions or overall impressions of the movies. You should argue your point, and
do not have to agree entirely with what is said in Mickey Mouse Monopoly. You may find
that in post-2000 Disney movies, gender and race are better represented.
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  1. State your thesis at the end of Paragraph 1 — what will you claim?
  2. Include a copy of small image as an Appendix after your Works Cited, if you analyze a visual item
  3. Introduce/integrate quotes. As Smith suggests, “Ads are a system…” that can “educate us…” (Smith, 2005,
    p. 5)
    Quotes cannot stand alone.
    The topic sentence tells readers what the topic is. “Historically, ads were outdoors…” OR you can use a
    question “How did we move from a needs society to a wants society?…”
  4. Use transitions between paragraphs. “But Farnsworth was not only the creator of TV, he also…”
    Block quotes (more than 3 full lines) should only be used in rare cases when you cannot summarize the gist,
    and almost never in short papers.

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