Competitive market analysis, and Segmentation & Targeting

Coca Cola Blak is a coffee flavor drink with introduced in 2006, however, it discontinue in 2008. My teacher want my group to make a marketing plan for re-promote “Coca Cola Blak”. Our team would like to make this product as a refreshing candy that has a certain caffeine ingredient. This candy can be taken directly or dissolved in water. My part is writing the Competitive market analysis as well as Segmentation & Targeting. I choose ‘lifesaver’ and ‘mentos’ as my competitors: you should write about:
1. What companies are our main competitors? (lifesaver and mentos)
2. What is the marketing strategy for each of these firms? What is each firm’s
3. What are each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses?
4. How would the competitor react to changes in our marketing strategy?
5. Competitor information may be placed in a competitor matrix – to provide a
simple way to compare and contrast competitors and the company.
6. Gathering competitor information


Sample Solution