Conflict management analysis evolution

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You are required to watch the BBC Newsnight interview between interviewer Jeremy Paxman and his guest Russell Brand available here: Transcript analysis You are required to annotate the provided written transcript of the interview with notes identifying: 1. Thepurposeofeachparticipantatthebeginningoftheinterviewandcommentonwhetheror not their purposes were more likely to cause conflict or manage conflict 2. Thestoriestheparticipantsaretellingthemselvesandanyspecificactsofvilification 3. Anyinstancesintheinterviewwhereanyoftheparticipantsbecamethreatenedandexplain why 4. Anyinstanceswheretheparticipantswererelyingonopinionsratherthanfacts Conflict management evaluation You are required to write a 1,500 word report explaining how you believe each participant could have managed themselves and the interview more effectively.




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