Consumer Food Safety

Respond to the following: One of your family members has just welcomed a new baby into their home and have come to you seeking advice! They’ve been watching cable news and are now very worried about the safety of infant formula. They saw a news report saying that a foreign country is trying to harm the US by contaminating infant formula! They ask you, as a food professional, whether or not they should trust the formula they’re buying for their baby. What do you say to them? Is the formula safe from such an act of terrorism?

For this assignment, answer the following questions specifically (citing references):
Your family member perceives the possibility of food terrorism occurring but how it that related to the risk of it actually happening? What role do our perceptions play in our ability to assess the true safety of our food?
Are there specific, legitimate concerns related to infant formula production? If so, what are they?
How do you explain to someone which foods, if any, are high risk and which are not?
Which US agency is responsible for monitoring the safety of infant formula? What about other foods? What about imported foods?
What do you recommend that your family member do to ensure their safety? (Note, this recommendation does not have to be food terrorism related.)

Sample Solution