Contract law

Mike’s daughter, Jade, attended North Bank University. The contract between Jade and the University required her to attend 75% of her lectures. Mike was concerned that Jade would not comply with this and so promised her £1,000 if she did so. As a result, Jade attended 75% of her lectures.

In order to fund her studies Jade borrowed £1,000 from her Auntie Tracey. There is a brief written contract which was drawn up by Tracey and which provides for repayment of the full amount in cash by Jade on 30 July. In addition, Jade did some paid part time cleaning work for Ashok. Recently, Ashok promised her £80 extra ‘for all those times that you have stayed late to make sure the work has been completed’.

Jade has since fallen out with Tracey and on 30 July told her that she could only afford to pay her £500 by cheque in full and final settlement of the loan. Tracey reluctantly agreed to this as she needed the money to pay off her credit card bill.

Mike and Ashok have changed their minds about giving Jade the £1,000 and £80 respectively. Tracey has also changed her mind and now wishes to sue Jade for the outstanding £500.

Advice Jade whether Mike, Ashok and Tracey can change their minds either on the basis of intention to create legal relations and/or on the basis of a lack of consideration.




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