Coordinate Lines

Question 21
How far is coordinate line N43800 from coordinate line N43400? (XXX.XX feet)
Question 20
What is the change in elevation between Lots 10 and 11 in tract 12804? (X.XX feet)
Question 13
What is the width from property line to property line of Medina? (XX.XX feet)
Question 14
Where does Santa Margarita Parkway “daylight” this subdivision? (XX+XX.XX and XX+XX.XX)
Question 12
Identify two pads on Sheet 3 that would qualify as terraced pads. (XX and XX)
Question 19
3 points What is the elevation of the flowline of the swabs @ the front property line for lot split 3 & 4 in Tract 12804? (XXX.XX)
Question 5
How wide is Monterey @ Station 18 + 00 R/W to R/W. (XX.XX feet)
Question 6
What “structure” is to be installed 6 feet from the centerline of Monterey? (XX inch X.XX)
Question 7 3 points sw What is the top of slope elevation @the back of lots 8 & 9 in Tract 12804? (use the lot split line for lots 8 & 9} (XXX.XX)
Question 4 3 points sww.w How much cut or fill Is there at the approximate middle of the pad of Lot 31 In tract 12803? (approximately XX.XX feet cut) or (approximately XX.XX feet fill)
Question 11
How wide is the upper bench on the slope behind Lots 23-29 in Tract 12804? (XX.XX feet)
Question 18
3 points v.eax
What is the elevation for the top of slope ® lot split 6 & 7 in Tract 12804? (review pad details for elevation and the structure at the top of slope} (XXX.XX)
Question 25 3 points sovowen., What Is the difference In elevation between the bowline of the swale ([email protected] the property line in the front) and the TC @ lot split 8• 9 In Tract 12804? (X.XX feet)
Question 3
Is Lot 31 in tract 12803 a cut pad or a fill pad? (cut pad) or (fill pad)
Question 10
Bastia is in which Residential Tract? (Tract XXXXX)
Question 17
3 points Save Mn
What work needs to be done @ the top of the temporary 2:1 cut slope behind Lots 23-30 in Tract 12804? (construct a xxxxx)
Question 24
How wide is the parkway on Amora? (X.XX feet)
Question 2
What is the elevation of TC @ lot split 46-47 in tract 12803? (XXX.XX)
Question 9
3 points saw ion.
What is the difference In vertical height of the top and toe of slope © the back of lots 8 & 9 In Tract 12804? (use the lot spilt line for lots 8 & 9) (XX.XX feet)
Question 16
3 points Saw What are the existing structures installed on Lots 15 and 16 in the cul-de•sac of Bastia? (Xxxxxxxx structures; notice the Capital letter in the beginning.)
Question 23
What is the elevation of the top of the riser on Basin #1 (located behind Lot 2) in Tract 12805? (XXX.XX)
Question 1
What is the width (in feet) across the front of lot 8 in tract 12803? (XX.XX feet)
Question 8
3 points say What is the toe of slope elevation @ the back of lots 8 & 9 In Tract 12804? (use the lot split line for lots 8 & 9) (XXX.XX)

Question 15
What is the width of Santa Margarita Parkway? {property line to property line) (XXX.XX feet)
Question 22
What is the fall along the flowline of the upper bench on the slope above Lots 7-14 in Tract 12805? (X.XX%)

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