Creative Exercise and Writing to Learn

Creative Exercise 2 – Creative Exercise Imagine you have been asked to conduct a study titled The Effect of Reality Television on the Grades of US Teenage Students.” What theoretical perspective will you use to guide your study and why? Explain at least two hypotheses you have about the effect of reality TV on grades. Describe the method you will use to conduct your study and explain why that method is most appropriate. Also discuss any ethical research dilemmas that may arise and how you would address them.
Writing to Learn 2 Writing to Learn 2— Directions: What is sociological research and why is it necessary? How does it challenge our commonsense belief about pressing social issues such as poverty, suicide, or immigration? Please write a 1-2 page response for the question(s) provided. Aside from the text, you are required to use one outside reference, but make sure it is a source with scholarly attributes.







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