Crime Analysis

Exercise 1
There are five houses in a neighborhood.
In one of the houses lives a killer, in another lived the unfortunate victim.
Other than the victim, each person had a motif for the murder.
Each person collected a particular type of weapon
Each person leaves the house at a different time of day
Each person uses a different form of transportation
Each person has a different secret
Find the victim and the killer

  1. The Kleptomaniac lives next door to the adulterer
  2. The person who leaves home at 5 am collects knives
  3. The Gambler has a financial motif
  4. A member of a hate group lives in the first house
  5. The person living to the right of the hate group member has a truck
  6. The victims did not live next to the killer
  7. The person who collected poisonous plants has a van
  8. The person in the center house did not kill the victim
  9. The person who left at 2 pm lived to the right of the person who left at 10 am
  10. The person in the last house left at 7 pm
  11. The handgun collector lives to the right of the ax collector
  12. The victims next door neighbors had the motives of unrequited love and revenge
  13. The killer has a car
  14. The person who collects poisonous plants has a neighbor who collects rifles
  15. The pedophile takes the bus
  16. The person whose motif is revenge has a bicycle
  17. The person in the last house had a motif of fear of discovery
    House 1 2 3 4 5
    Exercise 2
    In this forum discuss the importance of logic and reasoning in making connections and determinations in crime
    analysis. How do logica and reasoning assist the analyst when reviewing data? 100 words .

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