Crime charge

In this assignment you will act as prosecutor and decide how to charge the alleged perpetrator in the actual crime case that you selected. In doing this. you will need to consider and answer the following questions: Based on the crime that you researched, how would you charge the perpetrator? Which type of property offense should this defendant be charged with? Why would you charge the defendant with this type of property offense? What specific elements in your crime dictate how the defendant should be charged?

Your answer to this Writing Assignment needs to be written in WORD with a Times New Roman 12 point font size, one-inch margins, and should be between 2 and pages in length. See grading rubric in the syllabus for further details. the following:

A brief narrative of the crime committed. Explain what happened, who was victimized, who is alleged to have committed the property offense, where, when, how, and why the property crime was committed. Make sure that this crime was committed some place other than Texas. Your analysis should include a summary of the originating State statutes and penal code offense(s)
A comparison between the (1) originating State penal code, (2) Texas penal code (3) the model penal code and (4) common law
An explanation of how you would charge the perpetrator of this property offense if this crime had been committed in Texas and if you were the prosecutor with authority to charge this crime. Identify which type of property offense you would charge this defendant. You will need to explain your decision, making sure to tie the circumstances of your crime with the essential elements of the type of property offense that you are charging the defendant. As part of your explanation, explain why the crime does not fit the other types of property offenses under Texas law.

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