Crime scene investigations

You have just been designated as the new training coordinator for the crime scene investigations unit of your police department. Your supervisor has also advised you that she would like you to provide her with a list of subjects that you feel are important for your training initiatives as well as a brief review of these training areas in the form of a report prior to beginning your training initiatives. Through your past experiences on the job and working crime scenes with other crime scene investigators in your department, you have come to appreciate the fact that many of these crime scene investigators with whom you work have specialty areas and interests in which they could provide you with a great deal of valuable materials that you could utilize in your new position as training coordinator. You have approached each of these fellow crime scene investigators and asked if he or she would provide you with pertinent information in his or her specialty area that he or she feel would be valuable for his or her fellow crime scene investigators to know. You have determined that the following areas should be reviewed: recovery of DNA from a crime scene, recovery of fingerprints from a crime scene, impressions found at a crime scene (e.g., footprint, tire, and tool impressions), recovering trace evidence on a crime scene, and recovering computers from a crime scene. You will ask your fellow crime scene investigators to review each of these areas: the recovery process documentation packaging transport proper storage of this type of evidence You will provide your list of subjects and your brief review of these training areas along with a brief overview of your findings in a one- to two-page cover sheet for the work for your supervisor’s review and approval.

Sample Solution