Crime scene

Please Answer the questions in the space after the question.
1. What are the three common methods of documenting a crime scene? Be sure to include examples to support your discussion.

2.Sex Offenders
Search your state database of Sexual Offenders. (West Virginia) FBI Sex Offender Registry Websites: FBI. Retrieved from How many sex offenders live within one mile and five miles from your home? How important is this website for citizens and parents in general?

Compare the procedures for assembling a photo array lineup with those of an in-person lineup. What are the similarities and differences? For what purpose would you use each one? Also, discuss some of the concerns with the accuracy of identification in a lineup. How would you preserve the line-up for evidence at court?

4.Constitutional Rights
Why should an investigator be familiar with the U.S. Constitution and the American legal system?

5.Testifying in Court
What is meant by “understandable testimony”? Is an investigator permitted to refer to notes?




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