Criminal justice

Research at least two possible careers that interest you as a criminal justice professional in the on the Internet.

Review the data or information you have found in your research.

Answer the following questions about each of the careers you reviewed:
What interests you most about this career?
What personal qualities or abilities do you possess that might make you successful in this career?
What steps might you take to learn more about this career?


Assignment Content

Imagine that you have been asked by your local police department to create a brochure for distribution to help improve the level of engagement and interaction the police has with your community.

Create a brochure using the Brochure Builder. Be sure that the following questions are answered in your brochure:

What is the role of police?
Which amendments to the U.S. Constitution directly affect policing?
What is community policing? What is at least one way that citizens can contribute to the improvement of relations between the police and the community?

Sample Solution