Critical review of a musical album

Album to review- The Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band
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By the end of this assignment, students should understand how to write a critical review of a musical album.
The student must first select an album to review. The selected album must contain at least three songs. The
music that students may select is not limited to style or genre. Students may select an album of music studied
in class, that they enjoy listening to (or do not enjoy), or that they frequently engage with in some other way.
In their review, students must explain how their selected album reflects each of the five themes that have been
central to our course:

  1. Listening
  2. Music & Technology
  3. Music & Identity
  4. Music Business
  5. Centers & Peripheries
    Students should also indicate how their selected album reflects at least one of the three cultural streams that
    have been central to the course (European, African, Latin). Students should contact ======== if they need
    any help selecting an album or writing about music.

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