1. Assess the client using Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Assessment Model
(Giger and Davidhizar, pp. 9-11).
2. Using the tool, interview a client from a culture different from your own (i.e.
someone from an ethnic minority group).
3. This paper must be written in a narrative format. Review the content requirements
below. Type in Word and submit a copy of the paper to instructor by the deadline.
There will be no “pre-grading” of the case study. Also review the Case Study
Grading Tool on page 17 and 18 before submitting the paper.
a. Part 1 Assessment (42 points)
Describe the client based on the six cultural phenomena. Note:
About half of your paper should be focused on this area.
b. Part 2 Care Plan (27 points)
Based on your assessment, identify actual or potential nursing
diagnoses, expected client outcomes and therapeutic interventions. Use
Giger and Davidhizar Part 2 (Application of Assessment & Intervention
Techniques to Specific Cultural Groups) for reference. Every chapter in
Part 2 has a case study with sample diagnoses, outcomes, and
interventions. Choose only the sample interventions that reflect culturally
congruent care. Also review the Power Point on Transcultural Nursing
Process Part 2.
i. Nursing Diagnosis (9 points) Use NANDA labels. Use a three-part
statement for actual diagnosis and a two-part statement for
potential diagnosis. Identify a minimum of three actual or risk
diagnoses that have cultural implications.
ii. Client Outcomes (3 points) Identify at least one expected client
outcome for each diagnosis. Outcomes must have time frames and
they need to be relevant and measurable.
iii. Nursing interventions (15 points) Write at least five specific
interventions for each of the three nursing diagnoses. These
interventions must reflect consideration of the client’s cultural
c. Part 3 Personal Reflection (16 points)
Reflect on how the knowledge from this assignment will influence
your future nursing care of clients from different cultures. Consider
similarities and differences between client’s responses with what could
have been your own responses. Consider the ways in which your
responses might influence your interaction with the client. This section
should be a minimum of one page.
d. Organization/Style (15 points)



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