Cultural Experience

This purpose of this assignment is to think about the world of vulnerable populations through a liberal arts, literary, lens. We’ve been discussing vulnerable populations, those who have been discarded or made secondary to others throughout the time we’ve spent together. Arguably, much of what we’ve been studying has been data driven — pure science based on numbers and outcomes. However, there’s of course also the human element meaning how vulnerability affects people on a more personal, visceral level. The arts (music, dance, poetry, novels, essays, photography and other forms of visual art etc) provide us with a deeply personal lens about each other’s experiences.
Using a first person voice write a 5 page paper describing your experience reading our book and interacting with your classmates across the globe in enough depth that I can feel as if I’m there with you.
Was it personally meaningful? What made it so? Did any of your ideas change based on the experiences? What are implications for nursing values and clinical practice? How does what you’ve read in the book you chose relate to the Social Determinants of Health? Which among the characters in the book was vulnerable? (might be more than one!) How can we include those who are excluded? What needs to change? What lessons did you learn? What can you change inside yourself? This paper will only be read by myself, it’s okay to describe emotions which might have been raised or questions you have regarding previously held values.







Sample Solution