Current social problem affecting children and families in your community

Question 1

  1. Study of a Relevant Social Problem.

Choose a current social problem affecting children and families in your community. Using peer-reviewed literature and governmental or other reliable data, address the following:

  1. Describe the specific group or groups of people affected by this problem, with particular attention to vulnerable populations. Using the literature, governmental or other date, describe how widespread is the problem currently?
  2. What factors have contributed to the identified problem? Place the problem within a socio-political, economic framework in order to explain these factors.
  3. How are society’s values reflected in how the problem is defined? How are social work values congruent with or divergent from, society’s values with respect to the problem you have identified?
  4. What solutions have been attempted to solve the problem? Evaluate their effectiveness. What solutions would you propose and why?

Sample Solution