Data Presentation

You have recently been hired as a revenue-cycle management specialist at Raywood Memorial Hospital- Your direct superVisor, the VP of Revenue-
Cycle Management, has asked you to prepare a word presentation for the next stakeholder meeting- Keeping in mind, the stakeholder group is
composed of both financial and non-financial professionals-
Complete the fields in the attached table, illustrating national benchmark data, and RMH data-
0 Supply data of your choosing anywhere red text is present
Create a brief WORD presentation for the stakeholder meeting, summarizing the data contained in the excel document-
0 In one paragraph, explain the RMH’s overall fiscal condition, as defined by the metrics in the excel document-
0 Highlight three metrics (one per paragraph)
El Briefly explain to the stakeholders why you chose those three to focus on for the purpose of this meeting-
lg] Explain the relationship between national benchmarks and RMH data; providing explanations for data that falls short of, and exceeds, the




Sample Solution