Demography; population policies; migration; refugees in North America

Choose a Region (appropriate to your topic)
• Demography; population policies; migration; refugees North America
Middle and South America


Russia and Post-Soviet States

South Asia

East Asia
S.W. Asia and North Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa

South-East Asia

Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands)
• Social welfare policies; Privatization; Subsidies (or elimination of); Agribusinesses; land-locked countries
Climate Change
• Climate refugees; Coral bleaching; Natural disasters
• Deindustrialization; sprawl; sanitation issues; poverty; housing issues – slums, public housing; transportation issues;
Natural Resources/Environment
• Water; Agriculture; Extractive industries; Fishing
Social Issues
• Gender issues; child labor; domestic workers; caste system
Conflicts/Civil Wars

  1. Read at least three articles:
    a. One must be an academic/scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article on the topic.
    b. The second one must be a case-study type article – can be either newspaper article or a scholarly journal article
    c. The third one can be a government or agency report or another journal article
  2. Write an informative and analytical paper using the chosen articles. Describe the issue, why it happens, what the impacts are, what is being done, what more can be done etc.
  3. The topic and articles have to be chosen by April 4th. (The reference librarians at Axinn Library can help you find the literature that you need).
  4. Your paper must be minimum four full pages (1000 words excluding bibliography and title) long (preferably not more than 5 pages – definitely not more than 6 pages), double-spaced, using 12pt font, and margins maximum 1.25 inch. Pages have to be numbered. Come up with an interesting title for your paper, which has to be written on the top of page 1. No need for separate cover page. Write your name and GEOG 001.
    If you need help writing, make an appointment with the Writing Center at Hofstra. They won’t help you with content, but will help with grammar and sentence structure etc.

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