Developing a cognitive map

Develop a cognitive map (often called process flow chart) for the course topics. The map should include the topics covered in the class, including how we solve problems and how we should solve problems. It should show how a person may approach solving the types of problems discussed in class. In other words, it is a road map (or an analysis tool) defining steps to be taken when solving the types of problems discussed in the course.

Issues considered when grading the cognitive map question:
• If a person has this chart, can they solve a problem.
• Are the questions (on the flow chart) asked and answered appropriate and complete for the decision-making process. For example, when appropriate is the type of variable determined before listing the technique to use. For example categorical vs numeric and classification vs prediction.
• Is it readable and can be followed? E.g., font size, size of boxes.
• It is highly recommended that the map extends over a number of pages, with links between pages. Notice in the included chart there are:
o A chart name (Chart C) and a description of what the page contains.
o A link from a previous chart (continued from charts A & B)
o A link to the next chart (To Flow chart D).
o On tope of the page and to the left there is a chart that represents the relation/sequence of pages.
• Is the map complete. Are all the issues discussed in class represented on the map?
The course topics which is this map must include multiple data analysis method which are regression analysis, predictive analysis, data visualization, multiple decision-making model, RCA, decision tree, forecasting, time series, autocorrelation and so on. I’ll attach some attachment which you can use in the cognitive map.

Sample Solution