“Developing a Persuasive Theory

  1. Read NEUMANN, Ch. 23, “Developing a Persuasive Theory,” pp. 231-243, including the Exercise “Escape from Prison?” (Developing a Theory), pp. 240-243. 2. Read “Shelley v. Kraemer: Original Petitioner’s Brief SCOTUS” and “Shelley v. Kraemer: Original Respondent’s Brief” [POSTED ON D2L COURSE WEBSITE UNDER “CONTENT/SHELLEY FILE]. 3.Write a 2-3 page evaluation of each brief (6 pages, max.!), drawing specifically from the questions outlined on NEUMANN, p. 232, e.g.: -What was the goal in writing the brief? -What was the strategy for achieving that goal? -What other strategies might have been considered? -Why do you think the brief writers felt theirs was the best strategy for achieving their ultimate goal? -Did the brief writers do all the things necessary to execute the strategy they chose

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