Differences between races in intelligence.

Question 1 (Chapter 3): Some psychologists do research on differences between races in intelligence. Let’s say members of one race really do have higher IQ scores than members of another race. Consider this: Is this the kind of research psychologists should be doing, or is the issue better left alone? Explain your thoughts. Once the research is done, how do you think the results will be used?

Question 2 (Chapter 4): During the Nuremberg trials (http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/nuremberg/nurembergACCOUNT.html (Links to an external site.)) after World War II, some participants in wartime atrocities defended themselves by saying they were “only following orders.” Is this the same thing as saying that the situation was so strong that their behavior was not determined by their own personal characteristics, so they should not be blamed? What do you think of this defense? Explain your thoughts.

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