DIPLOMACY, POLITICS, and GOVERNMENT from the French language

In 250-300 well-written words, give a reasoned explanation of how and why English borrowed words in the semantic domains of DIPLOMACY, POLITICS, and GOVERNMENT from the French language. (To help you think about this, some words borrowed from Medieval French into English include accord, treaty, alliance, plebiscite, regime, sovereignty, state, administration, constitution,jurisdiction.) “Semantic domain” just means the vocabulary relevant to a particular area of life (such as FOOD, ILLNESS, COLORS, FARMING, etc.).

To answer this question you should:

Briefly describe the French-English history around 1066 (You can find information on this in Chapter 2 of your textbook, and in many other sources. Be sure to cite your sources—even if you just use the textbook.)
Analyze and describe what borrowings in these semantic domains (diplomacy, politics, and government) suggest about the power relations between the Medieval French and the Medieval English populations.

Sample Solution