Discuss the Different kinds of HealthInsurance Plans and Their Impact In the United States

Part A: Comparing Insurance Plans In a minimum of one page, compare and contrast Medicare (Part A, B, C, D), Medicaid, and private insurance plans. Make sure you discuss what services are covered in each plan, who and how do individuals gain coverage, the benefits of each plan, and how is each plan payed for. Part B: Impact on Healthcare System In a minimum of one page, discuss your thoughts and opinions relating to the impact on the United States Healthcare system if Medicare OR Medicaid governmental insurance plan was shut down this year and no longer existed (Choose one to discuss). What burdens and/or benefits would be created by this loss of the government insurance plan? Where would these individuals who were once covered get insurance coverage now or would they no longer be insured? Lastly, how would this loss affect the US healthcare system and society long-term?






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