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  1. Read the relevant contents in the textbook in Chapter 1(Slides attached below). Then read the Articles: “CEOs: Post-Covid changes are permanent and there are more to come (Links to an external site.)” (Click on the link posted) by PWC and “The U.S. Government Has Authorized More Than $10,000 Per Person In Stimulus Spending This Year” (Links to an external site.) by Forbes (Click on the link posted). Do your own research if necessary.

Discuss the following and do your own research if necessary:

(1) What do the articles describe?

(2) How the pandemic is transforming businesses? What challenges are CEOs facing right now?

(3) Do you think the government should provide support for businesses? Why or why not? To what extent?

(4) What is your opinion about government’s stimulus? What help was already provided? Was it enough? Do you think further help is needed? If yes, please explain/elaborate.

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