Discussion (at least 250 words). Complete both of the following:
Download and complete the following “Self-assessment checklist for personnel providing behavioral health services and supports to children, youth and their families (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” developed by the National Center for Cultural Competence at Georgetown University. If you do not currently work with patients, answer based on your sense of what you would do in a practice setting. Do not share your completed checklist in the discussion section.
For your discussion post, select one point from each of the three subheadings of the checklist 1) Physical Environment, Materials & Resources, 2) Communication Styles, 3) Values and Attitudes; and talk about whether you think the point you select is counter-intuitive, particularly crucial for effective practice, unnecessary, or any other reaction you might have to it.
Be sure to carefully read the seminal paper “Multicultural counseling competencies and standards: A call to the profession” from this week’s reading list. (Note that this paper is quite old, and some of the terminology and ideas would be considered archaic or insensitive today, but, ironically, the paper represented a moment of self-reflection and self-awareness for an entire profession.

As part of the grade for this assignment, each student must also post a response to, comment on, question about or peer-review of at least two classmates’ posts. If the conversation is interesting to all involved, you are welcome to keep the discussion going beyond two responses. At least two of your response posts must be at least 100 words each.

NOTE ON PLAGIARISM: Do not copy and paste information from other sources and present it as your own work. Cases of plagiarism or other violations of academic integrity and will result in a grade of zero. For more information, please see the Syllabus.

NOTE ON REFERENCES: Every discussion post must include a list of references. You must cite and properly format the sources of any data and other information you present in your writing. Responses must use in-text citations or quotation marks. Citations and reference lists must be formatted using the latest edition of APA (American Psychological Association) Formatting.

NOTE ON RUBRIC: Please view the attached rubric to see the criteria used to grade the discussion (select the star to the top right, and select “show rubric” from the dropdown list). Please make your initial web post in time to allow your classmates to also post their responses before the deadline (see rubric for specifics regarding optimal timing of web posts).

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