Does Diaoyu islands belong to China or Japan? Why?


You are expected to conduct your own research on the issue, and write about your position in a 2 page (double space) paper. In addition to clearly stating your position, you need to provide at least two reasons and evidences for your position. Please be mindful regarding the credibility of references you are using. You can use all forms of references for your research, such as books, journal articles, news, and the Internet. You need to list all references you used for your paper at the end of the paper, with proper in-text citation (references are not counted towards the 2-page writing). Grades are assigned not based on your position, but on the quality of your research and how well you reason and support your position. In other words, there is no wrong/correct position/answer, but the emphasis is to explain your position well — “why” or “why not”. Depending on the time, a debate on the issue will be held in class. So be prepared to present your position and supporting evidences.

Sample Solution