Domain V government and citizenship

Instructions Go to the web site for the Texas Educational Testing Service (ETS) Preparation Manual cited in the Read and Review Section. Select “The Domains.”(page 4). Name the percentage of the test that is devoted to Domain V “Government and Citizenship.” Find and review Competencies 017, 018, and 019 in Domain V (pages 18-20). After reviewing the competencies, create five (5) four-choice multiple-choice questions over the principles and/or documents named in Competency 017 A. The questions should be your own, not copied from atest bank. They should be clear and properly worded. Do NOT include “all of the above” or “none of the above” as an answer choice. Clearly mark which answer is the correct answer to each question. For those of you that are Teacher Certification students, this preparation manual will help you prepare for the state exam.

Sample Solution