Don Andrews’ “The Principles of Effective Correctional Programs”

You are to do an essay “The Principles of Effective Correctional Programs” by Donald A. Andrews in the
Latessa Book, Correctional Contexts and respond to the following question in 2 to 3 pages:
“Explain the RISK (principles 5 & 8) , NEED ( principles 6 & 7) , and RESPONSIVITY (principles 9, 10 &11)
ASSIGNED TO: Baez, Canot, Casilla, Castro, Henriquez, Javier, Morgan, Nawaz, Ramirez, Rodriquez, Smith,
& Toapanta
You should review all lectures on this article as well as read or (re)read the article to have a better
understanding of why Andrews is concluding in essence that “Somethings Works” ” In any case any exact
quotes or paraphrasing should be cited in your text with the authors last name and page number in the Lattesa
book. You may also cite authors and page numbers from other sources but if you do; you then must do a
reference page that indicates what book or article the quote comes from.

Sample Solution