Comic Essay – Character Bible
Character’s name: Taehyung
Age: 22
Gender: male
Siblings: a younger brother
Parents: Dad, mom, grandpa
Background: a normal town boy went to Seoul to be a trainer and then got selected to become a
member of Korean artist group named BTS. He trained very hard and he was a secret weapon
for the group, which makes him got released a lot later than others, but anti fans think he is a
cheater and doesn’t deserve to be with other members.
“Monster” in essay: anti fans who don’t want him to be in BTS on internet
Which made taehyung feels unsupported and unacknowledged.
Best friend or sidekick: Jimin( who comfort taehyung and talked with him to get his confidence
Education: high school
Outstanding characteristic: Outgoing, simple, friendly
Biggest fear: not being admitted by people
Employment (if any): idol (performance artist)
Clothing style: basic, (blue yellow gray in my comic
Love life: NO
Favorite color: purple
Favorite music: pop
Goal in life: be a great artist that wont let his fans down
In a 2-page essay, please respond to the following questions, using specific examples.
1. Who or what is the “monster” in your story? What makes him or her ‘monstrous”?
2. Describe your character’s struggle with this monster. What internal conflict does this struggle represent?
3. Discuss your panels in detail. What choices did you make as an illustrator? In your response, please address color, size of panels, character design, facial expressions, text (or lack thereof), positioning of characters, and anything else you find significant. 4. Reflection: what did you think of this unorthodox method of “essay writing? What limitations did you encounter? What liberties?


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