Drugs and society

Based upon our reading and video content throughout this course, and based upon your own independent
research, please address the following:
Select one class of drug that we have covered whose use you think has contributed significantly to social
problems here in the United States. You should include in this introduction:
a history of the human relationship to this drug
its route of administration
other pertinent background information
Specific Problems
Explain in detail the specific problems caused by the use of this drug from a sociological perspective. You will
need to cite specific data sources here. Then, adopting a historical perspective discuss important sets of
statistics form reputable sources and how the problems have changed over the years.
Media Portrayal
Provide a content analysis of how the use of this drug is portrayed in the media. There are many sources of
information here. Look at news broadcasts, periodical accounts, and of course, films.
Compile at least FIVE pieces of content for this analysis. For example, if you are looking at the way that this
drug is portrayed in film, you will need to use at least FIVE different films for your analysis. Cite these sources
appropriately. Based upon the content you have examined, think about: What is the overarching theme that this
content states about the drug you’re covering? To what extent do you think that this content shapes public
perceptions of this drug?

Sample Solution