Which parts of the listening process do you need to improve? Why?
Using the reasons listed in our text, what do you believe impacts your ability to listen effectively?
Part 2

Watch Julian Treasure’s TedTalk: 5 Ways To Listen Better

Do you agree with the points made in this TedTalk? Explain your answer.

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Paraphrasing on the Job
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1. Besides paraphrasing, what other helping styles does Mark use?

2. Find situations where Mark reflects Jill’s feelings, as well as her thoughts.

3. Why do you think Mark’s responses were more helpful than offering advice to Jill?

4. Apply the criteria for choosing whether to paraphrase, found in the textbook’s Chapter 8, to evaluate whether this was an appropriate time for Mark to paraphrase Jill’s concerns.

Based on what you have learned from Chapter 8, what is the most important thing you can do to improve your listening skills?





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