Early to Mid 19th Century European Society and Politics

In you opinion please answer the following questions.

  1. What effect do you believe the 19th century ideologies of conservatism, liberalism, nationalism and romanticism had on the development of European society and politics in this period? Would you describe this period as revolutionary?
  2. What do you see the successes of the Restoration and the failures? In what ways was the French Revolution influential and successful? Where did it fail?

Also from 2 different points of view answer the following question.

  1. How did the French Revolution affect military strategy and modern warfare? How should Napoleon be viewed: was he the savior of the French Revolution or another Tyrant?

And lastly. answer the following question.

  1. Nineteenth-century intellectuals created ideologies such as conservatism, liberalism, nationalism, and romanticism, each with an effect on the development of the European society and politics of that period.All of these ideas relied on emotion to define them. The key for all of them was to use emotion to change society in the right way. What that was, and how it was used differed in all of these ideologies. This was a big step away from previous political philosophies that relied on less esoteric ideals. Were any of these ideals more influential than others in shaping this period?

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