Economics of innovation (Health Economics)

• The lifecycle for new drug development
• Intellectual property rights and incentives for innovation
• Trends in pharmaceutical pricing
• Policies to reduce prescription drug costs

• What is the trade-off between monopoly pricing and innovation in new drug development.
• What are the drivers of rising prescription drug costs?
• What are potential policy solutions to reduce prescription drug spending?

Select an article from those listed under your topic as your main reference paper which you will summarize for your project

Support the theories/ideas/findings in your main reference paper with at least two additional articles from the listed articles/blog posts

Address these issues in your paper
(1) What is the research question or objective being considered?
(2) What is the underlying economic model or framework motivating the question or issue being investigated?
(3) What data and methods are used to analyze the question or issue?
(4) What are the key findings or take-away points of the analysis? How would you extend this study?
(5) What are the implications of this study for the health sector / how is this research connected to the theories/topics in health economics

Sample Solution