Provide more information than what is included in the proposal, more in-depth substantial information. I need concrete information included because it is vague in the proposal. Include all the references necessary.

Elements of the Methods Section Paper

The method section of a paper includes specifics about the procedure that will be followed to conduct a study. The goal is to provide enough details so another researcher could duplicate the research. For this assessment, explain the general elements of the method section and elaborate on those necessary for the dissertation. Describe content specific to my study with rationale. This paper should be four to five pages in APA format.

In the paper you should:

• Include an introductory section explaining purpose of a methods section;
• After the introduction section, organize your paper by headings of the DRP methods section (ex. Sample, Materials and Procedures, Instrumentation, Data Collection, Data Analysis).
• In each section, describe the purpose of the section and an overview of information relevant to your proposed study, along with a rationale.
• Include summary/conclusion and reference sections.

Reference provided to us

• Kallet, R. H. (2004, October). How to write the methods section of a research paper. Respiratory Care, 49(10), 1229-1232. Retrieved from .pdf

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