Emergency management

1.Emergency management should be initially introduced at the first police, fire, or EMS training. Once it is introduced it should be gone over several times throughout the training and even tested upon it. Any new policies or materials should be introduced immediately and trained upon to all personnel. I believe it is very critical to train new personnel in emergency management and it should be done immediately upon starting training. When an incident occurs, the first few hours are the most critical ones. It is essential that all personnel know exactly how to respond in case of an incident occurring. Public sector leaders can best evaluate emergency management programs for developing successful training and handling resolutions by conducting evaluations periodically. Evaluations should be conducted at least every 6 months or so. Public sector leaders should be responsible to make sure that the trainings and handling resolutions are successful.

2.Training for functional and full-scale drills is very important in emergency management. Training is how teams prepare for an unexpected event. LA County was preparing for a nuclear bomb by training and making sure everyone is prepared for the event. The level where emergency management is introduced is during the moment where it is discovered that the incident has effect many people. My example I used would be a school shooting. When officers first arrived on scene and the threat is taken care of, now the first step is the priority (saving as many people as possible). In order for this to occur, someone has to take charge of the incident and delegate teams to certain areas of the school and keep track of all the information received. Public sector leaders can best evaluate emergency management programs for developing training and handling resolutions by reviewing all major incidents. Every major incident where a emergency management program was used should be review and debrief later to discuss pro and cons of the incident. The pros and cons should be used as training tools to by other emergency management programs to become better prepared for an emergency event.

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