Encouraging teamwork and collaboration on a diverse team

How can this manager encourage teamwork and collaboration on her diverse team? (1 paragraph)The
workforce is moving away from Affirmative Action and toward Affirming Diversity. Discuss the meaning of this
statement. (1 paragraph)The greater number of primary differences between people, the more difficult it is to
establish trust and mutual respect. List and discuss at least 3 types of diversity you have seen in your
workplace that have caused problems and then for each provide a solution as to how this might be worked out
to establish trust and mutual respect. (3 paragraphs)
Diversity has the potential to enhance organizational performance, but it also poses potential problems in the
workplace. List and discuss at least 3 benefits and 3 potential problems that you have seen which were created
by diversity at work. (2 paragraphs)
Explain the meaning of this statement, “The price tag for not helping employees learn to respect and value
each other is enormous.” (1 paragraph)
What is workforce diversity and how does it help your organization at work? (1 paragraph)
Companies that see workforce diversity programs as “quick fix” events or one-day workshops often create
greater, not less, divisiveness among workers. After researching this topic, suggest a detailed strategy for
addressing training and development in workforce diversity that could be implemented at your place of work. (3
You are a Marketing Manager at Grind Co: a company that manufactures and sells retail coffee. You
THOUGHT you had a diverse marketing team, but they are having trouble taking Grind Co coffee to the female
and younger markets through their current print ad campaigns. So, you hire new team members that will help
them relate to the new target markets Maria wants to bring more appeal to the product name and infuse their
ads with more color. Omar wants to reduce their print advertising and put that money towards social media
marketing efforts. New ideas and different work ethics will create problems for your original team members.
Your challenge is to foster teamwork and collaboration, so you can maximize the benefits of having a truly
diverse team.

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