Enhance your intercultural communication learning experience

  1. Do you believe that most people are prepared to en- gage in intercultural communication? Explain.
  2. How often do you find yourself in situations where an increased facility in intercultural communication would be useful? What are some of these occasions?

3.How can knowledge of the basic principles of commu- nication be useful in daily life?
4.How do the authors define culture? Can you think of other definitions of culture that might help you to un- derstand intercultural communication better?
5.What is the purpose of culture?
6What do the authors mean by the statement, “culture is learned”?
7What are some instances in your life that demonstrate how culture is learned?
8What are cultural values? How do they relate to indi- vidual values?
9Distinguish several ways in which verbal behavior might differ between cultures.
10What role does context play in communication? How does context affect intercultural communication?
11Think of five different situations where an understand- ing of culture and communication behaviors would be beneficial.

Sample Solution