Essay Analysis

There are two parts to this assignment. The first part is to answer the questions based on given reading articles. The second part is to respond to 2 classmates’ comments. Proofread your answers for spelling, missing words, grammatical clarity, and correct capitalization and punctuation
This is the link to download the book from which you can read the articles. Click “Get” and it will be downloaded. The articles you are reading to get the ideas from cite from are in Chapter 2 “Brought to You B(u)y: The Signs of Advertising”.

Excerpt From: Sonia Maasik. “Signs of Life in the U.S.A.” Apple Books.

Part 1: Answer each question with 3-4 complex sentences, and cite the pages of your examples from the readings with an in-text citation. (I’ll put an example of how to do an in-text citation in files.) The questions are:
A) What techniques do advertisers use to convince us to buy stuff that we may not need or want?

B) Why do advertisers group consumers into categories?

Part 2: respond to 2 classmates’ ideas with comments in a short paragraph [3 or more sentences with at least one complex sentence]. The 2 classmates’ comments are in files. Consider the following in your response:

-What is one point your classmate has made that stands out?
-Is there something your classmate has said that you would like to add to?
-Has your classmate fully understood the ideas presented in the readings?
-Are your classmate’s examples clear and cited?
-Is your classmate using MLA formatting in their citations?
-What suggestion you would make to your classmate?

Sample Solution