Essay Analysis

Both Chapters 10 and 11 are required reading. Chapter 11 was actually assigned in Week 6 but primarily needed there for the study of ANOVA. Here it is needed for the study of the Ch-Squared Tests. Note also the additional readings listed in Week 7 to supplement the textbook.
Do the following five problems this week (20 points each). None are difficult, but each requires patient thought and careful calculation. Aim for quality. Full explanation of how you solved each is required.
The following sixth problem is also required. It needs to be done to conclude the topic of ANOVA from Week 6.
It will be used as a Makeup Problem to regain half of the points lost regarding the grade in the above. For example, if the grade was 82% and one received 95% on this problem, the updated grade will be 91%. This is 95% of ½ = 0.475. 0.475 (100-82) = 8.6 and 82 + 8.6 = 91.

Sample Solution