Write an argument traditional essay on one of the topics below. Writing on any other topic will not be accepted. In other words, if a student writes on any other topic, he will receive a zero.
Due Date: Sunday, April 29, at 10:00 A M.
1. Why Men and Women Should Work Together 2. Why Men and Women Shouldn’t Work Together 3. Why Male and Female Students Should Study Together 4. Why Male and Female Students Shouldn’t Study Together 5. Why College Students Should be Punished for Absence 6. Why College Students Shouldn’t be Punished for Absence
ESSAY FORMATTING AND RULES 1. Use Times New Romans, size 12 2. Use double spaces throughout. 3. Indent each paragraph 5 spaces. 4. The number of words is 380-420. 5. Don’t underline or highlight anything, not even the title. 6. Use the assigned essay cover page. 7. Top and bottom margins: 1 inch each; left and right margins: 1.5 inch each. 8. Failure to follow the above rules will result in losing 20-30 points.

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