Essay on the Beauvoir. or physical realism and the mind

This is an argumentative essay. Respond to ONE of the following questions: 1. How much of what de Beauvoir hoped for women has been accomplished, in your view? What remains to be done? 2. Could a machine think? In light of the Intentional Stance, on the one hand, and the Chinese Room on the other, justify your answer. Also, support the answer with good reasons and use relevant terminology correctly and make a good argument. I will be graded on (1)how well you demonstrate an understanding of the relevant philosophical concepts, (2)how well you reason, and (3)how well you write.
And Use the Basic Essay Structure:
Introduction: Be succinct (no more than one paragraph), but include the following Thesis Statement- one sentence underlined (the claim to be supported) Plan for the paper-no more than one sentence, NOT required An argument supporting the thesis: this is where you provide reasons and explanations that support your thesis (i.e., this is where you develop your premises) Assessment of objections: This is where you address objections and counterarguments to the argument you are making in the essay. Conclusion: Here is where you summarize your argument. Also, provide 2 quotations from the textbook: cite with the page number.

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