Essay on “The Eye In the Sky”

Many movie critics gave Eye in the Sky high ratings when it was released because of its treatment of very important moral and ethical issues regardin changes in how wars are conducted, and the film shows how advanced technology has changed how the military plans and implement attacks in certai to kill enemy forces without ever coming in contact with the enemy. Of course, there are great advantages to using technology, but there are many a battlefield and is not imperiled, that attacker may not hesitate to kill large numbers of people. This dilemma is at the core of the movie. Another dilemma presented in the movie is that of “collateral damage.” Is it acceptable to allow innocent people to be sacrificed in order to achieve the are acceptable? Who should make that decision? Are the military members who execute the attack morally responsible for what happens, or are the blamed? It is obvious that the issue of “collateral damage” raises moral and ethical questions about war and weaponry, and it also raises the issue of responsible for the deaths of innocent victims? You are heinn asked to write an essay ahnut Fve in the Sky and in this essay you will identify and discuss some of the moral and ethical issues rai.














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